2007- Gan Chloe

17 Dec

Dearest Chloe,

this year was a very challenging year for mommy. When you’re in mommy tummy, mommy often not feeling well and mommy was order to bed rest when you’re only 28th week in mommy tummy. Mommy have to decide to work or not to work with the condition that I have. Later, uncle boss decide to give mommy some allowance and he allowed mommy to work from home. You’re borned prematurely at  34 weeks gestation period @ 2.02kg.

You’re so tiny and mommy feel very very sad to leave you in the ICU in the care of uncle doctor. Thank goodness you only spent 5 days in the hospital before you are allowed to be with mommy and daddy again.

Back home, you’re such a sweetie. She slept most of the time and did not disturb auntie whose is taking care of you that time. mommy still remembered everything seems changed on the day auntie went back home. you refused to sleep and want mommy to carried you around.

Later, mommy took you back to grandma and grandpa’s house. Both grandma and grandpa agreed to take care of you. you gave a hard time to both of them. you are an angel in the morning but at night, you started your project…. you does not want to sleep at all at night and will slept through in the morning. there was an incident where mommy did;nt sleep at all for 24 hours as mommy’s work in morning and take care of you at night.

However, when you reached 3 1/2 months, your schedule changed. You back to your sweeties character. You slept through the night. What a relieved for mommy and grandma!

Mommy want to tell you ( when you old enough to read this ) that mommy loves you very much although mommy have to endured alot in mommy’s pregnancy and early infant life of yours. Mommy never regret to have you as mommy’s princess and with you into our family middle of this year, mommy really feel that our family are complete now. and jie-jie too  loves you very much although sometimes she refused to share her toys with you. Gave sometimes to jie-jie to adjust this and she will share her toys with you again.

Mommy loves you very very much!!!!!

from, mommy

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