2007 – Gan Zoey

12 Dec

As the year end is approaching, it is now the time for me to recap what is the development of my little girl achieved in 2007.

Dear Zoey,

Being the only child of the family and getting upgraded to become jie-jie in the middle of this year, mommy knew you have to endured a lot of changes in your life.

Mommy feel very sad and self blamed as mommy didn’t spent enough time with you during the first half of this year. Mommy need to take care mei-mei who was still in mommy tummy and mommy feel sick almost everyday. Therefore, you have spent more time with kakak when you at home. You have to become more independent and mommy knew mommy have push you too much for you to become independent.

You started to have terrible 2 and always throw tantrum if mommy and daddy did’nt give in to your request. Mommy have to give you some lecture although sometime mommy realised you dont understand what mommy trying to tell you. You knew who you can demand thing from and mommy always be the last one to give in to you.

As Mei-mei borned, mommy and daddy realised that you loves her so much. You loves to kiss your mei-mei every morning and deep down in mommy heart, I loves you so much. You’re are always be mommy princess although mommy did scold you or beat you on your hand if you’re noughty. Mommy do so was for your own good.

Happy New Year 2008 to you little girl!!!!

From Mommy 

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  1. jazzmint

    December 14, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    nice new blog template 🙂


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