Short trip with both the girls…

03 Dec

last weekend we checked in to Berjaya Times Square Hotel and Convention Centre for a night stay. This was the third time we checked into this hotel this year as we need to utilised the night stay that we entitled from the membership that daddy had joined.

This was some sort of familiar Chloe with the environment before we decided to bring the girls for a holiday…

The girls behaved very well except when it came to night. Chloe need her ” sarong” and was a little bit restless at night. We are trying to get her sleep on the bed in fact when she asleep at home, we will carried her and put her on the bed so that she get used to sleeping without the sarong at night…

Zoey slept around 800pm on saturday night and was awoke by Chloe’s cried around 1000pm. Zoey become restless then and I need to carried her down to the lobby so that she can goes back to sleep… thank goodness, there is a annual dinner function by one of local firm and I brought Zoey there to see the show.

after around half an hour there, Zoey still awake and she request to go back to the room, I bring Zoey back to the hotel room and around 1100pm, she back to the dreamland and around 1230am, daddy back from his work and straight he went to his dreamland after one night working without sleep.

I still awake till almost 200am …. before I could sleep.

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Posted by on December 3, 2007 in short gateaways


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