The new arrival to Gan’s family …. Gan Chloe

24 Jul

Baby Chloe is born on 20072007 @ 5ish am on friday morning.

The delivery process are as follows :

18/7/2007 – Wed : I was admitted again to Gleaneagles hospital for observation due to high blood pressure – 160/98 in the morning. Grandpa, Grandma and Zoey was with mommy when Dr Andy decided to admit mommy to the ward.  In the afternoon, I started to feel a bit of contraction and was wheeled to the labour room for CTG screening. After some observation, the chart shown ” 1 contraction ” among 4 hrs and therefore Mommy again wheeled back to the ward. Blood pressure remained unchanged.

19/7/2007 – Dr Andy have asked mommy to stayed for another night for observation since the blood pressure remained unchanged. Daddy said okay. In the afternoon Mommy again wheeled to the labour room for CTG as mommy again feel the contraction pain. Dr andy said It seems like a braxton hick contraction so again mommy was wheeled to the ward with instruction to monitor any pain / contraction. That night, Mommy lost all the apetite and only took some egg tart and swiss roll as dinner. Feels very uneasy and tired and sleepy…. slept around 1000pm. blood pressure around that time was around 120/90

20/7/2007 – Around 200am, nurse came in to check the blood pressure – 138/100. Nurse started to asked me how I feel. at that time. I feel very uneasy and feeling like vomitting but I did not tell the nurse. around 300am, I pressed the button for the nurse. I started to feel very very uneasy around my tummy and the feeling of vomiting getting stronger. The nurse immediately wheeled me to the labour room and call Dr andy. When my blood pressure reached 150/110, Dr andy decided to performed an emergency c -section and I was immediately wheeled to operating theathre around 4am. As hubby was not with me, I have to signed all the necessary documentation.

At 517am, Baby Chloe is born to this world @ 2.02 kg.

At this moment, while I writing this blog, baby Chloe is still in the hospital for observation and tomorrow she will be back home….


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2 responses to “The new arrival to Gan’s family …. Gan Chloe

  1. jazzmint

    July 24, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    whoa…u delivered without ur hubby!!!

    and that’s a nice date!!!

    congrats…and happy confinement

  2. Maximus

    December 20, 2007 at 3:54 pm

    I would like to see a continuation of the topic


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