a day before Zoey’s 2nd birthday

21 Jun

Hubby told me just now that he went to Sg Wang Plaza to buy a toy for Zoey as her 2nd birthday present. As I can’t go any way except staying at home and hospital, I have to agreed that he will be in charged to get Zoey her birthday present.

His choice would be a remote control car – which he have been telling me for so long every time we do a shopping before. Every time I told him that Zoey is a girl and she need more feminine toy – well I do not want my little girl to be a tomboy next time when she grown up. I told him no. he need to get her some girlish toy. Hopefully he will.

No planning for Zoey birthday party this year as I’ll not be able to do much with my condition except that both myself and hubby may bring her to KidsSport in IU this sunday so that she can enjoy herself there. and also due to my grandma passed away last month, my family are still in mourning period for 100 days therefore no celebration from my family either.

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Posted by on June 21, 2007 in Zoey


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