Zoey’s 23rd month update, Grandma , pregnancy update and etc

27 May

I have been alittle slack behind on my update… A lot have been happening in May 2007. Will try to jot down here on what happened in the pass one month….

Grandma….- paternal grandmother 

Grandma or I called her popo have passed away last week after 20 days of suffering due to lung infection and strokes. I’m very very close to her as she is the one who take care of me when I’m still an infant till I’m 9 years old when my parents decided to take us down to KL to live with them.

I can poured my happiness, up and downs in my family life and open up with her when I don’t feel happy or sad or even happy. she knew all my secret which my mom may not about it.

She fell down on 17th April 2007 , a day before I was hospitalised for the second time this year due to infection in my pregnancy. I was hospitalised for 3 day 2 nights in Gleanegles hospital. Due to my pregnancy problem that I’m having, I have not have any opportunity to go back to Pahang to visit her as my gynae does not permit me to travelling with my condition. In order to protect my baby, I agreed with this. All this while I tried to call every day to talk to her to see how she is doing.

On 30th April 2007 (sun morning ), father received a call from my autie in Pahang asking us to go back as popo condition was not good at all.. She can’t talk at all. All of us, excluding hubby have rush  back to see her. I was shocked to see her condition as I never ever thought that she was bedridden after the incident and my parents and family have keep it a secret from me as they scared this will affect my condition. In fact I do not believed what I saw as the day before, I spoke to her on the phone and she asked me take care of myself and Zoey and also the baby. we was on the line for more than 10 minutes until she said she was a bit tired. I never thought that was my last time I spoke to her.

We have to admit her to the GH in Raub Pahang as we scared she could not stand the journey down to KL. The service in GH was damn poor and popo was left untreated for 2 days until Father decided to transferred popo to Tung Shin Hospital in KL on 2nd May 2007. I was there to meet my sis and popo. I did the admission for popo and hang around for a little bit longer however I started to feel my tummy tightened and immediately I asked hubby to sent me home.

During her stay in Tung Shin, Popo was in semi-coma and all my family members and relative have went to see her except myself.

My pregnancy getting a turn during this period… I’m bleed on 9th May 2oo7 and immediately I was given a week off to rest and 15th May 2007, my gynae gave another 3 weeks MC for me to rest. I need to go back to check next week to see whether my condition permit me to work on 6/6/2007.

Due to my condition, my parents disallowed me to go to the hospital to visit her. I went there secretly on 15th may however I did not call her or touch her. I was there less than 5 minutes and look from far. on 19th may 2007, her pulse went down drastically and father called all my autie to come down to KL in case something bad happened. father kept this from me. However I knew something was wrong and told hubby to go to Tung Shin to see what happened. My autie asked me to go to the hospital to visit her and at least call her so that she knew that I was there to visit her as this could be my last time to talk to her. With the co-operation from my autie and sis, I managed to visit her and called her. that was 740pm of 19th May 2007.

Around 1am 20th May 2007, popo’s grandma does not seem good at all and father and uncle decided to take grandma back to her home as that was her wish. at 440am of 20th May 2007, popo passed away in the ambulance on the way back to Raub.

Again, I can;t attend her funeral as my condition does not permit me to travel. I feel very very sad about this.

Zoey’s 23th month update 

as zoey, she matured alot for the past one month. she is able to speak more and do thing as what we instruct her to do. such as

– if we asked her not to sleep on the floor, she will move to her mattress and sleep.

– she know how to copy other people doing thing such as when we cough, she will cough or something she laugh

– when we asked her to sleep, she said ” no – no ” or shake her head and normally we will off all the light and we will let her close the room door.

as  for her development, she getting heavier day by day and My gynae does not  permit me to carry her anymore as my placenta is very low. She does cried when I refused to carried her but after some distraction she will let me go. I feel so sorry for her as I can;t do what a mom should do now.

As I was on Hospitalisation leave for a month, I can feel that she getting closer to me. It is not that Zoey is not close to me but maybe because I’m at home. I knew her development and how she expressed her feeling which make me understand her more. I feel that I missed alot of her development due to my work and my travelling schedule ….

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