More vocal lil Zoey…. and more trick!!!

22 Jan

Zoey have been more vocal now a day. She will talk / speak non stop… sometimes she do so like she is talking to me when sometimes I’m not sure whether I know what she is talking about.

I’m must aware that she is now a big girl now, She loves when we give chance to feed her self. She loves to played with bowl and spoon and tend to feed herself with the spoon. How’s mommy little girl have grown.

She now able to do more trick to get what she want like eg she will obey your instruction when she want something. Example :

Zoey : (… pointing to the TV and hand me the remove control ( asking mommy to on tv for her favourite cartoon show)

Mommy : Okey… Mommy on for you. Zoey sit on your mattress okay!

Zoey : .( ..She will then walked to her mattress and sit there for one minute. Once you changed the channel to her channel, she will stand up and walked around again…)


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Posted by on January 22, 2007 in Zoey


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