18th month update

02 Jan

unbelievable… We’re now in 2007 and this is the 2nd year we celebrated New Year with lil Zoey.

Update on lil Zoey

Now Zoey is into her 19th Month now. Some update on Lil Zoey’s progress as 18th month toddler. Can’t really keep track on her progress as she seem to learn new thing everything. Trying very hard to keep the list updated…

Speech She seem to speak / talk non stop now. She learn some new word …

1. dog
2. book
3. pau-pau ( learn this today — Means full )
4. ball

Her pronounciation is very good. She will only speak when she want too. No body can make her talk if she refuse.

emotion I think she have learnt that is she want anything and we does not give in, she will scream and she will get what she wants… this work very well with grandma and grandpa and sometimes mommy… Daddy normally will not give in.

likes… She loves warm water…yes. I mean plain warm water. She can drank 4oz water at one go and a minimum of 3 bottles everyday together wwith her favourite 4oz Ribena everyday. She will drink as much as we gave her to the extend I feel scared to see her drank so much water.

She also loves plain rice and fish. She will eat whatever we ate and will demand for food if she sees food on the table or she does sometimes ask us to take her food from the fridge.

Dislikes Still refused to take porridge.. we still gave her cereal as her main meal plus some rice/ fish when we have our lunch and dinner.

She also does not really like fruit. If we gave her apple, she will bite and suck all the juices and she will thrown the remaining apple out. all her yiyi called her blender.

2nd pregnancy

It was confirmed on 25th December 2006 on chrismas day, Hubby and me will have our second baby will be due in end of august. We are happy to except the new but a little bit scared whether I will be having the same complication like I have during my first pregnancy… Doc told us the risk are quite high and need to really take care of this.

Hoping I will not have the same complication like I have with Zoey…. Wish me luck and best wishes….

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