16 months progress – walking, talking etc

09 Nov

I’m very HAPPY now… Finally Zoey was walking on her own although it was not so stable yet. lou yiyi claim het walking style like Jackie Chan in “drunken Master ” movie. Sometime I have a good laugh when I sees Zoey walked and sometimes heart attack as am so scared that she will fall down. After a week of walking on her own, not much accident happened that would make Zoey cried.

She will walked and walked non stop. I think the only time she will stop walking was when she was asleep. Grandma and Grandpa said the world is peace when Zoey was sleeping.She can walk from this end to the other end or she will walked from the living hall to the dining hall on her slow motion walking style. I’m very happy to see her walking on her own. How mommy’s little girl have grown up.

In her 16th month, she can talked a few more words on her own ie:

– au-tie
– po po ( grandma )
– kakak ( maid )

she will talked and talked non stop which sometimes have make me few headache when you are so tired after working for so long. When I told not to talked anymore and to speak softly, she will put her index finger on her lips to show that she asked us to keep quiet. Sometimes it is funny to see a 1 yr old toddler do such a thing and I just wonder if she grown up, would she asked me to keep quiet if I need to give some lecture? we see in the next few year…

Yesterday, I become SAHM again. we went out for lunch and grandpa sent me home with Zoey, lai yiyi and grandma. When I get out from the car, grandpa told me that Zoey wqs crying when he came to pick me up in the evening. When I reached grandma house, I saw Zoey was leaning against the couch, and I called her name. Then Zoey immediately squat on the floor and hit the floor 2 times. This show that she is angry with me become I go out from the car without her. I apologised to her and out of the sudden she hit me on my shoulder. I know I should be angry with her because she hit me but I did not feel so. I just cannot believed that Zoey know how to show her emotion through her action although I know It is no manner to hit mommy. Maybe need to give some lecture in the future.

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