Long weekend!

25 Oct

-Photo taken on the way to my cousin wedding dinner- 7/10/2006

It was a long weekend for me. After my singapore trip last Thurs and Friday, immediately on Saturday, Hubby and me decided to bring Zoey back to Sban to visit Mah Mah and ah Gong. To our surprise, Zoey did not cried when we step into the house and was a bit playful although most of the time, she cling to me and Ima ( our maid ).

She went to bed around 930pm and we noticed that she was having slight fever. We did not gave her any medication but around 130am in the morning, she was having quite high fever ( from our hand test. I did not bring my thermometer back home. ) We gave her the fever medicine, Throughout the night, I dare not sleep which leave me very tired and dizzy in the morning.

We decided to back to KL instead of Tuesday as I need to go back to my office for 2 conference call and also Zoey was restless during the trip.As I still feeling very dizzy and tired, Grandma took over the job to take care of zoey. Zoey was very naughty and refuse to sleep that night. Sleep around 1130pm on sunday. No Fever.

Photo taken today – 25/10/2006

On Monday, Hubby sent me to office for my conference call. Attended one conf call and decided to miss the other one. Gong Gong decided to bring Zoey to go to Berjaya time Square for an outing.we went to Borders. Zoey was so excited when she saw all the book in the shelf and decided to crawl around the children department.

Coming this Saturday, We will be going to Bukit Tinggi for a annual outing. Not sure whether this is plan or co-incidence, We went up to Bkt tinggi last year around the same time when Zoey was 5 month old and now we are going up the hill with Zoey who will be 16th month… How fast time flies! Hopefully, I will have a wonderful trip this year but… hubby is not joining us for this trip!

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