Singapore Trip!

18 Oct

I’m going to Singapore for 2 days starting tomorrow and will be back to KL on Friday. I’m going the miss lil Zoey very much. As tomorrow I;m taking the earliest flight out to Spore, I’m going to leave lil Zoey with Grandma tonight and tomorrow night which means that I not going to sleep lil zoey for 2 nights ;(

How I miss her!!!!!!

Last Saturday, we took lil Zoey for her MMR jab @ DSH. We reached there around 810am for our turn. We are no.2 that morning. Since we are so early we went to the cafetaria for our breakfast. I played the Barney cd on the portable cd with LCD screen so that she will not disturb us. She sit through the breakfast without any fussing and while enjoying Barney, we gave some fried noodle. She ate quite alot.

Around 930am, it’s our turn to see her paed. Once we entered the room, lil Zoey started to cried. Doc measured her length, and weight. Once doc getting ready to do the jab, Lil Zoey cried even louder. Hubby have no choice but to carry her out of the room after the jab.

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