15th month progress

26 Sep

…Zoey with Daddy @ Banting ( 31/8/2006)

On 22th Sept 2006, lil Zoey’s is 15th month old… but because she is a premature baby, we still consider her 13th months old. Most of her development relates to 13th months instead of 15th months.

Here is her progress:

weight : 8 kg ( as of 9th Sept 2006 )

Mobility :
1.Very pro on crawling in her swimming style or sitting style. to push herself up into standing position and climb up the couch/sofa.
3.can squat or push herself from sitting position into squating position.
4. She is now know how to play on her own if we put her on the floor.

1. Pa-pa ( refer to daddy )
2. Ma-Ma ( refer to mummy )
3. mam -mam ( her favourite word when she want to request for food )
4. ah-ah ( she use it to call people )
5. Cheh Cheh

hand/leg co-ordination
1. able to hold her milk bottle now. Godd news to mommy and daddy especially at night as she able to feed herself.
2. able to feed herself when we gave her biscuit/fruit. We called her ‘blender’ as she will bite the fruit and push all the fruit after she suck all the juices.

1. 8.30 am – Cereal
2. 12.30 pm – 6 oz of milk
3. 3 – 4pm- cereal
4. 6.30pm – 3 oz milk
5. 8.00pm – 6 oz of milk
6. 1-2am – 6oz milk

In between meals, we will gave Zoey fruits like apple, banana, papaya etc and also bread, rice ( when we take our lunch or dinner )

Zoey loves plain rice very much and usually Zoey will eat whatever we eat so that she will not be fussy with her food later on.

She still refuse to take porridge and maybe because she still on semi-solid on this stage, she was slightly underweight. But her paed assure us that it is normal for a premature. Her progress will back to normal when she abt 2 years old.

have 2 teeth now. Two in the upper gum and 2 pearly white in the lower gum. Two teeth are coming put soon from the upper gum

1.Know that Popo and Gong-gong can be bully.
2.Know how to feel jealous especially when Popo sayang lai yiyi. She will push yiyi away so that she can be popo.
3. she is more or less know what we are trying to said and she know how to obey our intruction when our voice changes.
4. She know when mommy is angry. Actually I’m practice to gave her 3X ” warning” and she normally obey my instruction on the 1st warning. It goes like this” Zoey, mommy angry now. You’re very naughty! If you touch XXX, you’ll get yourself hurt. Take away your hand now if not mommy beat your hand”. If she does not obey I would “Zoey this is 2nd warning. Take away your hand now” Normally she will.
5. She know how to said No through her action.
6. If we beat her hand or leg. she will beat the floor to show that she angry with our action and when we explained to her what she have done wrong she will ask us to carry her and she will put her head on our chest.
7.She know what is ‘SHY’ means and everything we said “good” for her action she will hide her face on our chest or shoulder.
8.She now scared of stranger and normally will cling to us tightly if she not comfortable with her surrounding.

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