14th month progress and …..

26 Aug

Since I moved to a new role on 15th Aug 2006, I seem like do not have much time to update lil Zoey progress..

Lil Zoey is now 14th Month old…

She is more mobile now and was crawling most of time and refused to be into her walker. She understand more of our daily speaking and would sometime follow our instruction to asked her to do something…

She more and more understand and differentiate between NO and YES. When Daddy said ” NO” she will usually obliged to do but mommy said NO she will just ignored it… She is more daddy girl now and will always stay with daddy. At night Daddy and she will sleep together except on saturday when daddy need to go back to hometown…

She can now speak better and the first Real word that we understand is ” pa-pa-pa “. No sure whether she refer to her daddy as I alway refer hubby as “daddy” to Zoey. she can now asked for food using her baby language or sometime you will hear she said” mum-mum”…

She still refuse to take porridge and we still continue her with her cereal 2 times a day and we have change her milk powder from 12mths to follow up fomula. She seem okay with the milk powder.

As she is now more mobile, we have brough a playmate for her to move around.

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