Sick again

11 Aug

We thought that lil zoey have recovered from last week’s sickness which proved we are wrong… Lil Zoey was having fever on Wednesday night which was Mommy’s birthday. She vomited and having fever on and off. We gave her fever medicine aroung midnight and applied cool fever jelly to her forehead. She yelled and yelled which I think the whole block of our apartment are able to hear her screaming. I was very worry as she seem feeling very unwell and refused being to sleep on her own. I even have to carried her in a sleeping position as I was having backache that night plus have to carried lil Zoey for a long time. Thank goodness she is okay with that position.

We was like we have to carried her until she is dreamland then only we put down to her bed. She sleep around 500am which daddy and mommy only sleep for a couple of hour. Then we decided to goes to office slightly later that day in order for us to catch some sleep.

I’ve decided to sent lil Zoey to her paed since grandma told me that lil zoey is having fever after we goes to office. Grandpa and Grandma took Zoey to DSH and myself meet up with them in the hospital. The paed said no fever after taking lil Zoey’s temperature. We are surprised as Zoey was having fever when they are on the way to DSH. Her paed only subscribed cough and fever medicine for Zoey.

Having lil Zoey in our life have really thought us that it is not easy to become a parent…You have to take care of life person which sometimes are not able to tell you that ” what wrong with me?”. I was really tired after lil zoey was born. I have never regret having lil Zoey in my life and hubby’life. Although We are unable to do spontaneously and we are tired, we feel blessed to have lil Zoey in our life… Thank you, Zoey!

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