Lil Zoey progress!

04 Aug

It have been a long week this week. Lil Zoey was sick again this week..

It started on Monday morning where lil Zoey have vomited while drinking her milk just before we left to my grandma’s first we thought that lil Zoey was too full. Thank goodness I was on leave on that day. At noon, Lil Zoey woke up and cough followed by vomiting again this time with some phlegm. I told my dad that we need to take lil Zoey to see her paed…Doc said that lil Zoey have some cold and he subscribe cough drop and nose drop for lil Zoey… On Tuesday morning, we noticed that Lil Zoey have a slight fever and we applied the cool fever jelly to her forehead. At 500am, we gave the fever medicine to her. Fever went down. Around 800am, we noticed that the fever came back and grandma suggested we should take lil Zoey back to her paed. Her pead told us that lil Zoey is having throat infection and will need to take some antibiotic for 5 days.

Doc also told us that lil Zoey was slightly underweight i.e. 7.9kg for her age. As long as lil Zoey is healthy we will are happy. We know lil Zoey is very fussy with her food. We have no choice but to gave her cereal although by this age she shld be taking solid food. She refuse to take her porridge no matter how we prepare her porridge.


for the past few weeks, we noticed that lil Zoey passion for book have improve. She will played with her book by flipping through the pages… Looking at the video above, lil Zoey was flipping although her book and at the end of the video lil Zoey was smiling as Daddy have just came home from work. This is the first smiling that daddy will get whenever he back from work as Zoey was really excited to see daddy…

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