Point, 1st Kiss & etc…

09 Jul

A lot of new thing that lil Zoey have shown us thie weekend. As parent, I feel very proud and emotionally happy as my little princess have grown so fast. Remembering what happened last year, at the same moment as this year, lil Zoey was still in the hospital and was sleeping in the incubator and now she know how to interact with us…

Point, Point and Point

We noticed lil Zoey have started to point thing when she was about 10-11 months and now she knew how to point to the thing that she want more frequently. She will point to the place she want to go, things that she want us to pick up for her and sometimes we played “finger kissing” where I would say ” let do finger kissing” and point my pointer to lil Zoey and automatically lil Zoey will put her pointer to my pointer some soft of both of our fingers are kissing…

First kiss

Gong Gong was very surprised and happy when lil Zoey gave him a kiss on his cheek last saturday. It came so surprise to Gong Gong. However lil zoey refuse to do again if asked to since the first kiss…

First night sleeping alone with mommy

Yesterday, lil Zoey spent the night with mommy alone as Daddy have to go back to Klang and Sban to visit Mah Mah. Everything go so smoothly where lil Zoey slept at 830pm thoughout the night. She woke up at 630am this morning and grandma pick us up at 730am…

“Kai Kai” and shopping

We do noticed that Lil Zoey have started to understand us more day to day… especially when we said “kai Kai or Shopping. One thing good about lil Zoey was no matter how long we do our shopping she will not get cracky or moody… as long as the place is cold ( with air conditioning )… We went to Mid valley last sat with Grandma, Gong Gong, and Yiyi to shop for household item… In the evening, since Daddy is not around, Mommy decided to joined Grandma and Gong Gong for dinner, we went to PJ for dinner before proceed to Carrefour subang Jaya to shop.. by the time we arrive back home , lil Zoey was really tired and she slept around 830pm that night.. Later I noticed that our shopping have take about 5 hrs and not even a noise that lil Zoey is make throught the outing…Maybe she will be like Mommy who will never get tired if it is for shopping ūüôā

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