A letter to lil Zoey

07 Jul

Dearest Zoey,

Since the moment you are born into this world, mommy and daddy life have changed tremendously. You bring lot and lots of love and meaning to mommy’s life.

Having you in mommy’s life have gave mommy what is motherhood life is. You are mommy’s princess…No one could take you away from mommy’s heart. You gave me not only love and also understand how grandma have took care of mommy when mommy was a little kid like you. Mommy treasure every moment that mommy have spend with you…

No matter how tired is mommy after work, the moment mommy look at you, mommy’s heart smile and happy and mommy will no longer feel tired…Sometimes mommy do feel how good if mommy will be at your side 24 hrs aday, 7 days aweek & 12 month a year.Mommy can;t as Mommy tried to provide you the best in this world…

Mommy know that when you take your first crawl or first step, mommy may not be able to see it, but believe mommy, mommy are very proud of you, girl!

Mommy loves you so much, darling!

Loves, mommy

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