A letter to Daddy

20 Jun

(This letter is written by mommy on behalf of Zoey..)

Zoey know that daddy was a very patience person. No matter how Zoey cried and cried, Daddy will carried Zoey and sing softly to Zoey until Zoey fall asleep. There was time when Zoey take more than 1 hrs to sleep, Daddy will always there sleeping next Zoey and pat Zoey to sleep…

Zoey knew that no matter how sleepy daddy was, Daddy will always fed Zoey Milk milk and make sure that Zoey is not hungry… Daddy, you are ” Super Duper” daddy to Zoey.

Zoey knew How deep is daddy love for Zoey. Zoey know that Daddy will always there for Zoey but Zoey hope that Daddy will spend more time with Zoey. Mommy alway told Zoey that Daddy will always love Zoey.

Love you always …… Zoey

Mommy’s letter to Daddy

Given birth to Zoey will always be my greatest love to you, hubby. I really appreciate on what you have done for Zoey. Zoey is the symbol of our love.

I’m still remember how you take care of me during my pregnancy..endured my emotion changes and most of all be patience with me througout my pregnancy..

Thank you so much of sharing the household with me during my pregnancy and now taking care of Zoey. I really appreciate on what you have done for us.


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