Happy Fathers Day!

19 Jun

( photo taken on 17/06/2006 riding on turtle brought by Lo yiyi when she went to Lang Tengah, T’gganu last week )

We did not do much for Father’s day this year although it is hubby’s first year to celebrate father’s day. We have a simple meal at home yesterday which is the first time mommy cooked a meal for daddy.

” Ah-oh”

Whenever we said “hello” to Zoey she will put her hand near her ear to imitate what how we suppose to talk to our phone. Last Saturday, Zoey was so happy playing as suddenly she put her right hand to her right ear and said ” ah-oh”. I was trying to catch what she was talking and realise that she actually trying to said “ah-oh” on the second time. How mommy little girl have grown.

“don’t want to hear”

I was really surprised on this incident. I have raise my voice on Zoey last Saturday as she was very naughty. She was playing on her walker and she like to lean against the edge and like usual I would like to asked her to put down her leg. This time, after so many time of trying to get put her feet down, I was very angry as I knew Zoey know what I’m talking about. I said to her ” Zoey you are very naughty, mommy going to beat you now if you still do the same…. ” Before I can finish my lecture, I saw Zoey raise her both hand and cover her ear some sort like ” I don’t want to hear anymore”… When she put down her hand, I start again my lecture and she will put her hand to her ear again. I was like “OMG…????”..Grandma and all yiyi was laughing when they saw the incident. I’m really not sure how I’m going to raise up Zoey now ….

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