Sickness week for little Zoey

30 May

It have been a long time since I update this blog.

Little Zoey was sick for more that a week. First she was attack by flu & cold… Maybe get the virus from daddy. After she recovered, she have virus attacking her intestine which lead to vomiting and diarrhea. She lost about 400g for the last 5 days. Almost whatever she took will be vomited. So poor thing… We went to see her paed in DSH for her flu and return back to see him for her vomiting. After she is better with her vomiting, she started to have diarrhea.. She cried and cried due to her tummy upset until Grandma called me home as little zoey was crying non-stop on one of the afternoon. Only God will know how worry I am when I received that call. Thanks goodness little zoey was okay now.

According to her paed, Little zoey may get the virus due to the thing that she put into her mouth… Ever since she know how to grab thing, she like to everything into her mouth. Now we are very careful with her. To avoid the same incident to happen again we have the maid to look after her when she play with her toy.

Great grandma was down to KL to visit her eye’s doctor. She complained that her vision blur nowadays and that why she was in KL for 3 days so that she can meet up with her doctor. Doc said maybe due to her cataract which one of her eyes become blur. Need another visit to determine whether she need to go for another surgery.

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