Grandma’s frustration

08 May

We took Zoey back to Bkt Sentosa last saturday. Ma-ma was very moody and was crying very much due to frustration with SIL . We manage to solve the problem with them. Hopefully Grandma will not create anymore problem for SIL to solved.

Zoey was playing with her cousin – Amelia wong shee yen who aged 4. Although they were like ‘chicken and duck talk’ both of them able to played together. Zoey was a bit naughty – she pull shee yen hair and this little girl never beat Zoey back except that she only said ‘ very painful’.I know Zoey can pull very hard expecially when she know that we will tried to take her hand away.

We spent quite sometimes in BIL hse on saturday and we went back too to Bkt Sentosa yesterday. This time without Zoey. Scared that the journey would make little Zoey too tired. when we reached home on Sat Zoey was taken care by grandma as both myself and hubby are really tired.

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