First day at work!!!!!!!

04 May

After the long weekend, today is the first day I back to the office. Misses little Zoey very much. How I wish I can spent more day with her. although I feel that it is very tiring task to take care of zoey but i loves every minutes.

Zoey was very happy to see grandma after three days. Grandma went to Langkawi for holidays. Zoey have a first taste of chocolate yesterday as Grandma brought some choc from Langkawi.

Yesterday I left Zoey with grandma as I having a conference call at 630am today. Grandma told me that Zoey a little bit naughty yesterday…refuse to sleep at night. Finally slept around 11 something. Usually she will sleep around 8-8.30 if I bring her home and seldom cried in her sleep. We noticed that she will cried middle of the night if she played at night. If she at home, we will make sure she sleep early as she need to wake up early the next morning. I think now it is the time for Zoey to sleep with mommy and daddy every night so that she will have a consistent sleep pattern.

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