10 mths & 6 days

28 Apr

Daddy was very very tired yesterday after taken care of FIL the night before. Have gone to sleep very early. Zoey also very good yesterday… sleep at 8.30pm. I’m trying to to make sleep early so that she will not get very cracky in the morning when I wake her up at 630am to send her to Mum’s place.

Since both of them are asleep I have sometime for myself…glue to the tv and at the same get ready for IRB 2005 return which will be due this sunday. When I update this blog now, I have just finish my return.

At abt 11.30pm I gave little Zoey her last feed for the night, she was wide awake then. I was so sleepy and I just said to Zoey, ‘ Mommy very tired, go to sleep okay. Mommy sayang Zoey!’ Then I saw Zoey turn, and look for her Daddy. When she saw Daddy was sleeping, she tried to call daddy ‘ Ahh! ahh!’ many times and even tried to crawl to Daddy. As daddy was sleeping and I’m also pretend to sleep, Zoey just bubble her baby language and played with her bolster and pacifier. Then I slept. By the time I’m woke up, Zoey already slept.

This morning, when I sent Zoey to my mom place she are now know that mommy and daddy will go work and will not come back home till Evening, she will cried and cried when I put her to the bed to continue to sleep. This is usual. Every morning I will put her to her bed and she will sleep till aroung 930am for her cereal. Now it seem very difficult to make her sleep.Sometime so pity and sad when I hear her scream from downstair.

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